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Many Games in One: Roblox

This review of a game is going to be quite different, mainly because this game isn’t exactly like other ones. Instead, this game is more of a universe that you enter, and then you are able to do other games from within it.

Roblox is of course free to download, and once you have the game installed you are prompted to create an avatar, then you are off to the races and ready to explore the world. As an older person, it’s clear as day that this is a kid’s game, but it’s worth it to give it a shot before letting your kid get addicted to it.

Like mentioned above the game is free to download and play, but as with any other free games nowadays, there are paid options that will enhance your gameplay. You can even go as far as find Roblox promo codes and use those instead of real money, but for some it’s too much work and would rather just pull out the wallet. The game even has its own currency called Robux, so you can probably tell that “freemium” is strong with this one.

The gameplay itself is tough to review because there’s just so much of it. The whole game is based around creating and building things with your friends, which encourages the growth of communities within the player-base. Once you’re in the game, there is a seemingly infinite amount of other games/worlds/environments that you can choose from to enter.

At the end of the day, obviously being an adult kind of skews our perspective of this game. For me, although I describe it as being a massive game with unlimited options, the game still feels a bit dull. The problem for me is that everything in the game is like a worse version of other games that are out there.

However, be careful putting this game in the hands of one your children. I would classify this game as a Minecraft on steroids. Why steroids you ask? Roblox has it’s own Minecraft style world which seems comparable to the real thing, as well as a million other worlds/games that you can play.

2017: Warframe is Still One of the Best Free Games

For those that aren’t familiar with the game Warframe, then allow me to introduce you to one of the most underrated free-to-play games currently on the market. In the far away future you are a some kind of ninja in space that has been brought out of sleep, only to discover that the whole solar system is in chaos. With a massive arsenal of tools and powers, you have to fight off an unrelenting army of clones, weird science people, mutated freaks, and even more enemies. Like mentioned above, the game is free-to-play, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can pay for, or redeem Warframe promo codes.

For many free-to-play gamers, there is a certain pride that we take in the fact that we can enjoy a game without being tempted to take out the credit card in an effort to get further along in the game. For us, spending money on the game ultimately means that the game creator has successfully manipulated us, and it can feel just as bad as losing at the game altogether. And to add a cherry on top, most “freemium” games out there like to dangle to paid option in your face every chance that they get.

But with Warframe it is totally different.

Warframe is basically a cross-platform, shooter game that is full of action, and even has hints of being an MMO. The general gameplay revolves around being a space ninja that does ninja things like spying, stealing, assassinating, and sabotaging others. Although the missions are sort of the same each time around, the system randomly generates the missions so there is a sense of freshness. Your home base, and where you might see some paid options, are on your ship.

At the end of the day, Warframe isn’t the best game out there, and definitely has it’s own problems. However, as far as multiplatform, free-to-play games go, this is by far one of the best ever. Even though the game launched back in 2013, it’s never too late to get in on the action, especially since the developer is still making consistent updates.

Our Take on the “Sport-Brella” Beach Umbrella

Before this review gets long-winded, I’ll start off by saying that this is a wonderful product, especially for the price, but you have to be aware of the wind in order to have a good time.

When you look online at the reviews for the Sport-Brella, you’ll see an outstanding number of glowing reviews, with the 1-star ones sprinkled in here and there. The main problem that people have is that the umbrella catches wind easily, and doesn’t deal with it very well. The truth is, this is a massive umbrella, and all umbrellas are capable of failing due to being in the wrong direction. Even with just a small breeze, if not angled properly, this umbrella will cause some problems. Moral of the story, always take the wind into consideration before plopping this bad-boy down.

Another thing to note is that this umbrella can’t be used in the same way that regular umbrellas work. This one is meant to be stuck into the sand instead of a metal stand, and the sand helps with the pressure since it’s not a heavily built umbrella. I think many owners would agree that this is the best beach umbrella for wind, hands down.

The Pros

The Cons

In conclusion, this umbrella really is a no-brainer decision. Sure it has it downsides, but you aren’t going to find anything else that is comparable at this price range. It held up to some decent winds and even some rain, so I highly recommend this umbrella if you are in the market for a new one.

Uncommon Tips to Regrow Hair Naturally

For years and years, researchers and normal people alike have been searching for new, natural solutions to regrow hair naturally. While some of it is close to blind testing, there are studies being performed under the notion that each hair strand has its own life cycle with different phases, which can differ from person to person. For the majority of us, hair development begins to slow around the age of just 30. This of course can be changed depending on this likes diet, stress, and hormonal problems, thus making great hair a sign of proper health of the body and mind.

While the jury is still out on what medical treatments work best, there are still treatments that you can do right at home to regrow hair naturally that won’t hurt your wallet at the same time. Some of you may even already have the ingredients right in your kitchen.

Home Remedies for Regrowing Hair

  1. Rosemary – Word on the street is that rosemary oil is one of the best aids to prevent normal hair loss. Utilizing rosemary oil is also very straight forward, all you need to do is mix it into the shampoo that you use, and rub it into your scalp.
  2. Vitamin E – Similar to rosemary oil, you can rub vitamin E oil into your scalp to get all those antioxidant-goodness. However, this doesn’t have to be done with shampoo, but instead should be left in hair overnight, then washed out the next day.
  3. Aloe Vera – It’s well-known that aloe vera can help with skin problems, but what about hair? Aloe vera works wonders when it comes to cleaning pores and balancing pH levels. Mixing some in with your shampoo and use normally.

Of course on top of those tips you still need to have a balanced diet plan to go along side. Make sure you are in-taking all the needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Also steer clear of hair dryers, curling rods or straighteners, and any other devices that stress your hair.

Not All Memory Foam Mattresses Are Equal

The important thing to remember while shopping for a memory foam mattress is that not all of them are created equal. They all differ greatly when it comes to their characteristics, like density, hard/soft, change in temperature, and overall durability. These differences are created on purpose to meet the specific needs of different consumers.

There are some people that get immersed in the technical specs of these different foam materials, but one of the best ways to gauge various foams is to search online for reviews mattress foam memory. It’s interesting how you can find mattresses with almost identical specs, but when you read the reviews one of them will typically have a much higher recommendation rating compared to the other.

This is the clearest way to see that the memory foams are different, despite having similar stats. Also without reading online reviews, you’re only other option for getting a real idea about how the foam feels is to visit a local shop that has that particular mattress in stock.

Also, memory foam made recently could have a different cell structure, which would lead to better airflow when compared to older models, and will probably sleep cooler than regular memory foam from previous years.

Unique Wedding Gifts for a Tight Budget

There comes a time in everyone’s life when wedding season is in full tilt – you hit that age in life where you or your friends, family, colleagues, and even co-workers get married. While weddings bring great excitement and joy, they can also take a toll on your personal budget. Sure, gifts are supposed to be tokens of love and appreciation for those that are getting married, but what happens when you need to restrict your budget for gift spending? Below are some unique, low-cost ways to wow the newly wed couple on their big day, but keep in mind that it’s customary to spend about as much as your plate at the dinner costs.

As time goes on, wedding have become much less of formal occasions, and turned more into friendly parties were people come to socialize and celebrate the big moment. This means gift giving etiquette has also changed, especially when others costs are put upon guests like, like wardrobe and traveling.

Your First Investment Property

So you have finally decided that now is the time to get your first investment property, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start. Just as with most other things, the first time is usually the hardest since you are learning all the ropes for the first time. Dealing with money is tough enough as it is, and dealing with large sums of money to purchase real estate is a whole different animal. Below are some basic tips to help get you started:

Our Review of the Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe

For those looking for a one line review, I will leave you with this: This is basically the best splitting axe out there.

Now, with that out of the way let’s move on to the meat of the review.

Before we start, it’s important to keep in mind that the length of the axe will dictate how natural your swing is, and ultimately the safeness of the axe may be comprised if you use one that is too short for your height. I am 5’10” and the 36″ Fiskars works perfectly for me.

One of the key selling points of this axe is it’s very low weight. Weighing in at just 4 lbs, it may not seem like a big difference at first, but after splitting a couple cords of wood, the difference of the light weight is so large that you will never want to go back to a heavy one. Also, where the blade and handle meet, the handle is actually molded around the blade, instead of being inserted into it. It’s small differences like this that help this axe improve your quality of life.

This axe comes with a very sharp blade of course, and retains this sharpness for quite some time. I’ve personally been chopping all sorts of hardwoods and it can handle everything that I throw at it. Sometimes I split the wood a little differently if it’s a really tough piece, like chopping the outer rings where they are the weakest.

You can search around online for more splitting axe reviews and see if another one better fit your needs. What you really need to think about is whether or not you even want to split and chop wood by hand, or just get a electric or gas powered one. Both will get the job done, but doing it by hand still has its secondary benefits like getting a nice workout!

Auto Repair Scams Won’t Go Away

In these recent years, it has become increasingly harder to find a trustworthy repair shop to do business with. Most people rely on these shops to keep their car running smoothly, fix damage from crashes, and overall just make sure you and your passengers are safe while driving. The problem comes when shops are not honest about their services, and take advantage of vulnerable customers.

One of the most common schemes is commonly referred to padding charges. A dishonest shop may offer a very reasonable repair estimates verbally, but when you are presented with the final bill it will be way higher than what was originally agreed upon. The main way this can be avoided is getting an agreement in writing. Also, you must make sure the estimated amount is actually written down, otherwise they may try to secretly write in a higher amount after the fact. This scam happens all day every day, all across the country, just like what happened with Danny DeMichele.

The next most common scam is the shops that push needless repairs. You show up wanting to fix one problem, and the shop will try to charge you for an additional problem that doesn’t even exist. Either that, or they suggest a solution that would cost much more than needed. For example, a customer might be suggested to replace the vacuum pump for around $2000, but could easily be fixed with a $15 part from an auto store.

The last, but hardly the least, come all the shops that just perform sub par repairs – or just no repairs at all. In the end, it works in their favor because many customers won’t ever find out, and if the problem isn’t fixed then there is a higher chance that the person will return and spend more money. This is very problematic for consumer because it creates a terrible spiral effect.

What About Nurse Shoes for Men?

Nursing shoes for women get talked about a lot because, well, a large majority of nurses are female, and females do tend to be more picky when it comes to footwear. That being said, let’s jump into what men can be looking for in terms of footwear meant for a hospital workplace. While choosing the right shoe is a still a very subjective matter, hopefully a quick run-down of each shoe will give you a better idea of what to expect. If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide, or maybe you’re interested in a pair that we didn’t review, then you should head over to this guide, 16 nursing shoes for men and women.

So, to all the guys out there, you can’t say that you feel left out. Murses are people too, and they work the same long hours just like other nurses, so you deserve some attention as well.

Interested in Learning How to Play the Banjo?

Despite your reasoning for wanting to dive into the world of guitars and banjos, there are various things to keep in mind when making your first purchase, like the quality of the build, how many strings you want, having an open back or resonator – the list really goes on and on. I am to break down some of the most popular 5 string options below.

To start, once you start your research about specific banjos, you will see the name Deering quite often. They are a manufacturer of many cream-of-the-crop models, and their line of products even spans down to beginner models. The Goodtime model is very popular among those just getting their feet wet, especially with those that are of a younger age since this one is quite light in weight, and has an open back so it won’t be quite as loud.

For the true beginners out there, that are maybe looking to get a bundle that comes with some accessories should look at the Fender Concert Tone. Fender is a massive name in the guitar industry, so it’s not hard to imagine that their banjo line would be amazing too. This banjo has a particular old-timey feel while still having solid, modern construction. If you are looking for a basic, no-frills build then this is the banjo for you.

You can learn more about other models on one of the various sites dedicated to banjos, or even search for a Beginners Banjo guide. Once you have a solid grasp of the banjo and are ready to upgrade, you will have a much better idea of the features that you desire and it will be easier to make an informed decision. Often times you will be able to find a location near you where you can test out some models in person, then you can order it online to save yourself some money.


How Do You Actually Repair Your Credit?

Having a low credit score may cost you much, much more in the long run when compared to having a high, or even a medium credit score. It’s unfortunate how it works like that – to save more money, you need to have more money essentially. Of course it’s not directly related to having lots of money, but if you have money then chances are you don’t have debts or are at least making payments on time. This in return improves your credit score, and allows you to get better interest rates which saves you money in the long run.

In the big picture, bad credit will lead to increased loan interest rates and increased insurance premiums as well. It may not sound bad at first, but these will be the major hold-backs when it comes to life decisions like buying a house or a car, going to school, and dream vacations or retiring on time.

So what can you do at this very moment that will actually make an impact right off the bat? Imagine right now, there may be actual errors in your credit reports. Since the different creditors operate separately, many times there will be discrepancies between what these companies have on file, and possibly even what they count as a debt.

Companies like can help you by working on your behalf when it comes to correcting errors in your credit history, and hopefully increase your credit score at the same time.

My Experiments with Modvigil

So first I should give some background information: Modvigil is basically Modafinil, which is basically a cognitive enhancer. I’ve been experimenting with nootropics for about 2 months now, and take a daily regiment of vitamins/supplements including: fish oil, choline, and piracetam. After about 3 weeks of this routine I started to notice a real difference in the level of my cognitive function, things like short term memory and focus were really impressive.

Yesterday was the first time that I tried the ModUp Modvigil that I ordered like a week ago. For starters I just took 200mg, which was one capsule. I also decided to take only a portion of my normal daily stack to see if it would keep up.

At first, I pretty much didn’t notice any effects taking place, but after about 2 hours I could feel it coming on. Not only that but I also noticed that I didn’t have my normal appetite, and had to essentially force feed myself since I just wasn’t in the mood, but I knew that it was my time to eat.

Hours later, after I was in the zone for hours writing and editing scripts, I started to get a growing headache. This kept getting worse until I finally gave in and went to lay down in a nice dark room. I ended up taking some ibuprofen as well to help further, and by the time the headache subsided the modvigil had worn off too. I later had a little bit of trouble falling asleep, but nothing that a little melatonin couldn’t fix.

What is So Special About Compression Sleeves?

While I was a very active runner back in the day (nearly 4 years ago), I’ve just recently got back into my long time passion, and one of the new trends in the running world is compression sleeves like DinoDerm calf sleeves.

At first I didn’t really understand it, and figured it was just some sort of marketing ploy. After jumping back into it and getting a bit overzealous with my initial runs, I noticed how much more of an impact the running has on my body. I quickly went from 10 miles a week on average, all the way to 30 miles a week, all over the course of about 2 months. At the ripe age of 40, you can imagine the kind of wear and tear that can have on your legs, and more importantly, your shins. I was looking for the modern solution to my problems, and I came back full circle and started doing research about compression sleeves.

After using them for nearly 2 weeks on a daily basis, both while running and while recovering, I have to say that the difference is really noticeable. While I know there are other alternatives to helping with recovering better, but still nothing compares to them while training. Even the ease of just wearing them during recovery make them a solid choice for me.

Overall I have to say, don’t knock it until you try it. I myself was a skeptic at one point, but I am a firm believer now and I’m working on making everyone else a believer too.


Spreading Our Film to Everyone

Since we are very proud of our work, our main goal at this point is the spread the movie as much as possible. This means we need to get on to all the platforms out there like Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming platforms. We aren’t necessarily looking to make more money at this point, the idea is to just get the name out there so that people can get hyped for a second movie from our crew.

While doing our research about which companies to reach out to, we stumbled across a multitude of free streaming apps like ShowBox. You can download ShowBox App from many sites, but the main idea behind it is that it lets you stream movies and TV shows. Turns out, these apps are quite popular when compared to the paid streaming platforms – which is kind of perfect for us. Like I mentioned, we aren’t in it for the profit at this point, and if giving away the movie for free means more exposure, then so be it.

Keeping Up With Fans and Followers

Besides having the typical social media accounts like everyone else has, we have been looking into other routes of communication that are a bit more personal, and that can be used world wide.

We’ve been looking to get into using WhatsApp to connect with everyone on a more personal basis. The great part about this idea is that you can now even get WhatsApp for PC, which will make it much easier for us to send out messages.

We’re aren’t quite sure yet if this will be a long term solution, since not everyone uses WhatsApp – it’s just not that popular in the United States like it is in other countries all over the world. Maybe in a year or two there will be some sort of new app or technology that we can jump aboard with.

Preparing for Parties and Shows

One of the most important parts of any party or show is the DJ, and the DJ equipment. Luckily just a dj controller for beginners will do for most little parties and shows, but anything beyond that where you need to hire an actual DJ, then you will need something a bit more professional. Our crew has a Numark Mixtrack 3 on the deck ready to go whenever. The only thing to note about the one that we have is that you need something external for sound output to headphones and speakers. If you need more information about equipment check out the site I linked above, you should be able to find something that fits your needs.