Auto Repair Scams Won’t Go Away

In these recent years, it has become increasingly harder to find a trustworthy repair shop to do business with. Most people rely on these shops to keep their car running smoothly, fix damage from crashes, and overall just make sure you and your passengers are safe while driving. The problem comes when shops are not honest about their services, and take advantage of vulnerable customers.

One of the most common schemes is commonly referred to padding charges. A dishonest shop may offer a very reasonable repair estimates verbally, but when you are presented with the final bill it will be way higher than what was originally agreed upon. The main way this can be avoided is getting an agreement in writing. Also, you must make sure the estimated amount is actually written down, otherwise they may try to secretly write in a higher amount after the fact. This scam happens all day every day, all across the country, just like what happened with Danny DeMichele.

The next most common scam is the shops that push needless repairs. You show up wanting to fix one problem, and the shop will try to charge you for an additional problem that doesn’t even exist. Either that, or they suggest a solution that would cost much more than needed. For example, a customer might be suggested to replace the vacuum pump for around $2000, but could easily be fixed with a $15 part from an auto store.

The last, but hardly the least, come all the shops that just perform sub par repairs – or just no repairs at all. In the end, it works in their favor because many customers won’t ever find out, and if the problem isn’t fixed then there is a higher chance that the person will return and spend more money. This is very problematic for consumer because it creates a terrible spiral effect.