Find How Much Pokemon Cards Are Worth

Pokemon cards, collectible card games in general, are all the rage these days. For adults and youngster alike, it is a nice hobby that’s both leisurely and easy to get into. Although, for as easy as it is to become addicted to collecting the cards, it is just as easy falling out of love with them. Perhaps you have simply outgrown them, found a new hobby or decided they are not worth the time or money, at this point many would be looking to ditch there cards. Now there are a couple things we must do before we look for values. First we must know what cards we have. Hopefully, those looking to trade or sell their cards have already cataloged their collection and know exactly what they have. If you haven’t, do it now or else you will have to sell them in bulk and not get top dollar.
Now that everything is accounted for let’s look at pricing. Unfortunately, prices fluctuate over time, therefore, it is difficult to give specific prices to you. However, the best place to look for current values is certainly Ebay. They sell everything there including trading card games. You can look up individual cards and figure out how much Pokemon cards are worth.

If you don’t even want to invest any money then you are better off spending your time playing the game for free with something like a Pokemon Soul Silver ROM or Pokemon Heart Gold, they’re both great.

Selling single Pokemon cards is the best way to get value. Rare and holo cards demand the highest prices and this is why individual cards bring in the best prices. However, if you are lazy or simply just want to make a quick buck and get rid of your cards you can sell them in bulk. Basically, in this case you’d sell a massive lot or group of cards (probably the entire or a subset of the collection) for a discounted price. This kind of sale can easily be done at a garage sell or at a card shop. Other collectors are willing to take the time and risk to find out if they got a great deal on you bulk sale.

Well this has been your guide to Pokemon card values. Remember to go through your collection and pick out the rare, holographic, and special edition cards as these will fetch the best individual prices. Otherwise sell many of your cards, particularly common ones, in bulk as they’re not worth much by themselves. And check Ebay as this will give you insight to how much Pokemon cards are worth value wise.