Many Games in One: Roblox

This review of a game is going to be quite different, mainly because this game isn’t exactly like other ones. Instead, this game is more of a universe that you enter, and then you are able to do other games from within it.

Roblox is of course free to download, and once you have the game installed you are prompted to create an avatar, then you are off to the races and ready to explore the world. As an older person, it’s clear as day that this is a kid’s game, but it’s worth it to give it a shot before letting your kid get addicted to it.

Like mentioned above the game is free to download and play, but as with any other free games nowadays, there are paid options that will enhance your gameplay. You can even go as far as find Roblox promo codes and use those instead of real money, but for some it’s too much work and would rather just pull out the wallet. The game even has its own currency called Robux, so you can probably tell that “freemium” is strong with this one.

The gameplay itself is tough to review because there’s just so much of it. The whole game is based around creating and building things with your friends, which encourages the growth of communities within the player-base. Once you’re in the game, there is a seemingly infinite amount of other games/worlds/environments that you can choose from to enter.

At the end of the day, obviously being an adult kind of skews our perspective of this game. For me, although I describe it as being a massive game with unlimited options, the game still feels a bit dull. The problem for me is that everything in the game is like a worse version of other games that are out there.

However, be careful putting this game in the hands of one your children. I would classify this game as a Minecraft on steroids. Why steroids you ask? Roblox has it’s own Minecraft style world which seems comparable to the real thing, as well as a million other worlds/games that you can play.