My Experiments with Modvigil

So first I should give some background information: Modvigil is basically Modafinil, which is basically a cognitive enhancer. I’ve been experimenting with nootropics for about 2 months now, and take a daily regiment of vitamins/supplements including: fish oil, choline, and piracetam. After about 3 weeks of this routine I started to notice a real difference in the level of my cognitive function, things like short term memory and focus were really impressive.

Yesterday was the first time that I tried the ModUp Modvigil that I ordered like a week ago. For starters I just took 200mg, which was one capsule. I also decided to take only a portion of my normal daily stack to see if it would keep up.

At first, I pretty much didn’t notice any effects taking place, but after about 2 hours I could feel it coming on. Not only that but I also noticed that I didn’t have my normal appetite, and had to essentially force feed myself since I just wasn’t in the mood, but I knew that it was my time to eat.

Hours later, after I was in the zone for hours writing and editing scripts, I started to get a growing headache. This kept getting worse until I finally gave in and went to lay down in a nice dark room. I ended up taking some ibuprofen as well to help further, and by the time the headache subsided the modvigil had worn off too. I later had a little bit of trouble falling asleep, but nothing that a little melatonin couldn’t fix.