Not All Memory Foam Mattresses Are Equal

The important thing to remember while shopping for a memory foam mattress is that not all of them are created equal. They all differ greatly when it comes to their characteristics, like density, hard/soft, change in temperature, and overall durability. These differences are created on purpose to meet the specific needs of different consumers.

There are some people that get immersed in the technical specs of these different foam materials, but one of the best ways to gauge various foams is to search online for reviews mattress foam memory. It’s interesting how you can find mattresses with almost identical specs, but when you read the reviews one of them will typically have a much higher recommendation rating compared to the other.

This is the clearest way to see that the memory foams are different, despite having similar stats. Also without reading online reviews, you’re only other option for getting a real idea about how the foam feels is to visit a local shop that has that particular mattress in stock.

Also, memory foam made recently could have a different cell structure, which would lead to better airflow when compared to older models, and will probably sleep cooler than regular memory foam from previous years.