Spreading Our Film to Everyone

Since we are very proud of our work, our main goal at this point is the spread the movie as much as possible. This means we need to get on to all the platforms out there like Netflix, Hulu, and all the other streaming platforms. We aren’t necessarily looking to make more money at this point, the idea is to just get the name out there so that people can get hyped for a second movie from our crew.

While doing our research about which companies to reach out to, we stumbled across a multitude of free streaming apps like ShowBox. You can download ShowBox App from many sites, but the main idea behind it is that it lets you stream movies and TV shows. Turns out, these apps are quite popular when compared to the paid streaming platforms – which is kind of perfect for us. Like I mentioned, we aren’t in it for the profit at this point, and if giving away the movie for free means more exposure, then so be it.