Vimeo or YouTube, Which is Best?

As a content producer, I’m always interested in making the most of what I produce. Whether that means having the best quality possible online, or making sure I’m able to reach a big audience, it all makes a difference to me. So of course the question arises, who should I choose to host my content? Today we will take a look at the YouTube vs Vimeo fight.



One of the first thoughts that comes to mind when I go to hit record on my camera: who am I targeting? That should be your first thought too because ultimately, YouTube and Vimeo have different communities.

Although YouTube boasts a user base over 1 billion users, that also leads to massive exposure to users that will post highly questionable and often times offensive things. In this case, quantity is not equal to quality.

On the other hand we have the much smaller community of Vimeo. Even though it only has 170 million viewers, about a fourth of them all are from the United States. With this smaller base of users, many are more helpful when it comes to feedback, which generally leads to better quality overall.