What is So Special About Compression Sleeves?

While I was a very active runner back in the day (nearly 4 years ago), I’ve just recently got back into my long time passion, and one of the new trends in the running world is compression sleeves like DinoDerm calf sleeves.

At first I didn’t really understand it, and figured it was just some sort of marketing ploy. After jumping back into it and getting a bit overzealous with my initial runs, I noticed how much more of an impact the running has on my body. I quickly went from 10 miles a week on average, all the way to 30 miles a week, all over the course of about 2 months. At the ripe age of 40, you can imagine the kind of wear and tear that can have on your legs, and more importantly, your shins. I was looking for the modern solution to my problems, and I came back full circle and started doing research about compression sleeves.

After using them for nearly 2 weeks on a daily basis, both while running and while recovering, I have to say that the difference is really noticeable. While I know there are other alternatives to helping with recovering better, but still nothing compares to them while training. Even the ease of just wearing them during recovery make them a solid choice for me.

Overall I have to say, don’t knock it until you try it. I myself was a skeptic at one point, but I am a firm believer now and I’m working on making everyone else a believer too.